Our associates

Dr. Tunde Ekpe is an Organizational Psychologist and Executive coach, focused on facilitating processes that encourage effective leadership, cross-cultural and gender sensitivity and effective interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

She has worked for over thirty years in Africa and the United Kingdom with executives and managers in private multinational organizations, multi-laterals and the public sector.

In the past, she held financial management positions in multinationals as a Chartered Accountant and at various times set up and run commercial companies trading internationally. More recently as an organizational consultant, she has focused on leadership assessment, development and executive coaching and has been involved in delivering projects for clients such as the Africa Capacity Building foundation, the United Nations and its agencies. More specifically, she has carried out psychometric assessments of Board level executives and made recommendations for development and recruitment. She has also facilitated workshops for team effectiveness, coached women and ethnic minority managers in the UK and trained HR personnel.

Dr. Tunde EkpeTunde has dual Nigerian and British nationality, resides in Oxford UK and has executed assessment, development and coaching projects in Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, France, Italy, Thailand,Switzerland, India, Canada and the USA. She has also worked in South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Senegal and Burkina Faso.

She is a certified master coach, holds a Ph.D. in Work and Organizational Psychology and is an Associate Fellow and Chartered Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society. She also holds the Financial Times Non Executive Director Diploma.


Dr. Amara Emuwa is a workplace performance coach and works with global leaders and organizations to help them achieve positive lasting changes in leadership behaviors.

At the individual level, her approach enables her to gain an understanding and a deep insight of personal motivations and drives that enable changes and at the organizational level, she helps groups and teams articulate strategic directions and action plans necessary for effective implementation.

Amara also specializes in designing and delivering a wide range of skills-based workshops that enhance executive growth and leadership development as part of a structured intervention and support program.

Dr. Amara EmuwaPrior to joining Optimentus, she gained significant experiences of consulting to banks energy and oil companies as Principal of Point 7 Consulting. She has also worked at corporate leadership level for Conocophillips, Ocean and Oil Holdings and Travant Capital Partners.

She earned her PhD in organizational leadership from Regent University and her MBA from Manchester Business School where she graduated with distinction.

Amara has published articles in peer-reviewed journals on authentic leadership and positive organizational and leadership outcomes. She has also published a number of press articles on HR solutions and leadership development.