Assessment and Development

Assessment Centres are widely used in the best organizations to aid selection decisions.

They comprise a mix of bespoke or off-the shelf exercises that can be used for top level recruitment and the assessment centre is typically linked to a pre-determined competency framework that includes particular skills which have been identified as necessary for performing most effectively in the organization.

Development centres are similar but are used more to identify areas of strength and development needs that will help executives perform better in their next (elevated) position. Using a range of tools such as psychometric profiles, 360 degree feedback and competency-based interviews, they are particularly useful for helping ‘fast track’ managers achieve their potential through identifying key areas for inclusion in personal learning and development plans. They also facilitate the identification of key areas of strength that can be built on for more effective performance.

Optimentus consultants and associates have vast experience of designing and running assessment and development centres. We can suggest the most cost-effective and appropriate solutions for all your high level recruitment and development requirements.

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